Our aim is to offer complete end-to-end services to games developers and publishers, and our large range of services reflects this. Check out what we can offer below, both from Babel and the wider Keywords group:



Functionality testing is our specialty, and we have a wealth of experience. We employ over 400 professional testers working on a huge range of titles, from casual to AAA, from pre-Alpha to live support. All of our testers are extensively trained, and backed by QA veteran Leads, to deliver some of the best proven test metrics available in the industry.

We are multi-platform, and were the first QA outsourcer to acquire Wii U, Xbox One, PlayStation®4 and Oculus Rift hardware. We maintain an inventory of over 1,000 retail, test and development kits, and access to thousands more through partner deals and other Keywords studios. We always remain on the cutting edge by continuously acquiring new platforms, tools and technology.

Our teams are available to work across multiple shifts, and with our studios covering different time zones, it means we are able to offer testing around the clock, to fit with your desired schedule.

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Having your game rejected by a hardware manufacturer for non-compliance can be expensive, which is where our Certification Testing service comes in. We have extensive experience in assisting clients with Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo, Apple and Google submissions via our dedicated team of Certification QA specialists. Our world-class Certification department is in constant contact with hardware manufacturers to ensure our teams always work with the latest manufacturer’s requirements and guidelines, terminology, tools and processes, all to ensure a smooth submission for our clients.

The Certification QA teams’ objective is to find and report every QA verifiable guideline (XR, TRC, etc.) related issue within the title, such as those related to correct configuration of master packages, save flows, network error messages, etc.

Here are a few Certification services that we offer:

  • Certification testing for:
    • Microsoft Xbox 360, Xbox One and Xbox Live on Windows 10
    • Sony PlayStation®3, PlayStation®4 and PlayStation®Vita
    • Wii U and Nintendo 3DS family
    • Apple iOS App Store
    • Google Play (Android)
  • Milestone & Submission readiness testing
    • Including risk assessments and recommendations
  • Verification of Nintendo e-manuals (for format and terminology)
  • Submission package verification & preparation
  • Video game content rating verification
    • Including risk assessments and recommendations
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Also called Network Impairment Testing, for this service we use multiple techniques and tools, including LANforge™, Wireshark™, Netmon™, and geolocation emulation, to test if your game can handle real-life scenarios, and pinpoint potential issues regarding:

  • Varying network bandwidth speeds, latencies, types of connections, networks or NAT types
  • Data loss over the network
  • Errors, jitter or corruption in the data packets
  • Discrepancies between various multiplayer network conditions
  • Connections coming from all around the world
  • And more!

We also have the capacity for in-country testing from all over the world, via our global network of studios and international freelance staff.

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It’s important to know that your game can withstand high levels of load and traffic without issue, and our Stress & Load Testing service is a perfect way to give yourself that confidence.

We can provide large scale stress and load testing using real people and real hardware, in multiple locations around the world via our network of Keywords studios in the Americas, Europe and Asia. We’ll test if and when game servers fail due to traffic, and we can focus on single player, multiplayer and massively multiplayer sessions. We can even provide automated and highly scalable loading options for Web and Mobile, of up to 100,000 connections in seconds, and ramping up to over 1,200,000 connections.

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If you are releasing a mobile app designed to work on multiple devices or a PC game designed to run on various different configurations, then putting it through our Compatibility testing service will ensure it works properly on the target device or setup and does not interfere with normal operations.

For Mobile, we maintain a vast inventory of hardware, including over 300 on-site devices for Android, iOS, Blackberry, Windows Phone, Amazon and others, and have access to over 1,000 mobile devices through partner networks. We constantly acquire new devices based on market demand, and can offer our professional advice alongside easy to understand device packages that covers optimum market share.

For PC, we can offer a custom-built set of configurations built for your game’s specific requirements, as well as software performance benchmark testing. With our vast experience and range of hardware, we can provide you with information regarding minimum and recommended specification attainment of your game, detailed performance reports per PC configuration, and any correlation or trend per manufacturer that is seen while interacting with your game.

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Our Crowd Testing services are carried out by a global network of hundreds of expert QA testers, via our Crowd and Cloud Testing platforms. We have capacity for in-country work in various locations, to test how your software reacts from anywhere around the world or to get User Experience feedback from true international native players. Furthermore, our Cloud Testing platform allows us to use this service in conjunction with your PC game and have testers from across the world stream, play and test it.

Our teams can provide functional and UX testing of PC, Mobile and Web games and apps.

We always maintain the security and confidentiality of your projects through strict NDAs and recurrent review of all assigned staff.

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Sometimes the best solution for testing is to use automation, for example for when conducting large-scale Mobile and Web Compatibility testing. Our Automation Testing service allows us to test hundreds of mobile devices rapidly, and to vary tests across different browsers and operating systems.

Our Test Automation engineers will create test scripts for you, and once built, will allow you to review the impacts of changes throughout all applicable platforms rapidly and efficiently.

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Our Beta Testing Management service allows you to collect Beta and Early Access feedback from users efficiently, to ensure your game gets the best possible reaction on release. Our teams will collect, filter and vet feedback from your players, and build professional reports and bugs from the feedback, to be transferred directly to your bug database.

This service can be provided in conjunction with our QA Consulting service to help you analyze source issues and decide where to focus development and QA. We can also carry out User Experience Testing in parallel, to provide product and market validation from your potential customers.

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If you’re looking for qualitative and quantitative feedback on your game, we can provide focus groups to gain that valuable feedback. We recruit focus testers from specific set demographics – with access to players from all around the world, from various cultures and countries and speaking over 50 different languages, ensuring a wide demographic is met.

Play test coverage can span multiple different features:

  • Game Usability
    • Navigation
    • Familiarity
    • Consistency
    • Error prevention
    • Visual clarity
    • Areas of discomfort (e.g. motion sickness)
  • Game Flow
    • Difficulty
    • Pacing
    • Enjoyment
  • Market Research
    • User feedback
    • Focus groups
    • Data compilation
    • Expert recommendations

Our teams compile all feedback and data over the course of the tests and deliver it along with potential recommendations regarding game usability, game flow or market research. Direct observations, analysis and delivery of game footage can also be provided as needed.

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If you like to have your QA team close to you, we can provide the perfect solutions for this. We regularly send our testing staff to work on-site at our clients’ studios, which is particularly useful during crunch or submission time.

We can provide very flexible and scalable team options, built to your needs:

  • Team insourcing - Having full teams including Test Leads on-site, as well as an Engagement Manager for larger projects.
  • QA staffing – Having Babel testers on-site led by your team, while leaving administrative & recruitment tasks to us.
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We are experts in Quality Assurance, and we can offer you this expertise in the form of our QA Consulting service. We can assist you in managing and improving your QA teams and projects, and can offer step-by-step help on QA strategy, planning and application for your game, project, portfolio, department or company.

We can help you analyze, coach, and train your staff, so you know you are always getting the best from your QA testers. We also provide experienced operations analysis, advice and implementation regarding QA processes, tools, performance and management.

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Babel is just one part of the global organization that is the Keywords Group, and within our group we can offer a wide range of end-to-end, quality-focused, multilingual services to meet your every need. A few of the other services that Keywords can offer are:

Art Creation

Keywords Studios offers a broad range of art outsourcing services to the video game industry through its companies Lakshya Digital, Liquid Development, Mindwalk and Volta. With facilities in New Delhi, Pune, Beijing, Portland, Seattle and Quebec City, Keywords Studios boasts a multilingual team providing art assets of the finest quality for incorporation in some of the world’s leading video game series with punctual delivery.
Audio Production

Keywords Studios specializes in bringing video game voices to life, thanks to the talent and experience of its companies Liquid Violet, Binari Sonori, KiteTeam and Synthesis. With recording facilities in London, Los Angeles, Milan, Madrid, Hamburg and Mexico City, audio services offered by Keywords Studios range from casting and voice-over recording, to facial capture and pre/post production. A network of 50+ in-country studios guarantees a wide range of quality international dubbing services to professionally satisfy any audio request either in original or localized languages.
Text Localization

Thanks to its professionalism, years of accrued experience and its global production network, Keywords Studios is a leader in localization services for the video game industry. From translation to creative adaptation, from age rating support to geopolitical assessment, Keywords Studios offers developers and publishers a one-stop solution to all their localization needs, put in place through five companies with particular specializations: Keywords International (MMO, Mobile and Casual games), Binari Sonori and Synthesis (AAA titles), Reverb (Brazilian localization) and KiteTeam (Iberian and Latin American Spanish localization).
Localization Testing

Covering over 50 languages and all game platforms, Keywords Studios’ expertise covers all areas of localization QA including in-game text and audio, and compliance to hardware manufacturers standards. The group maintains large teams of multilingual full-time Project Managers, and all of Keywords’ localization testers are native speakers recruited and trained to the highest standards in the industry. Localization QA teams are located in Keywords International offices in Dublin, Montreal, Tokyo, Seattle and Singapore, and when required, testers can be deployed to work directly on-site at the developers’ studios.
Customer Experience Management

Keywords Studios uniquely offers a range of cost-effective and scalable services in the Customer Support and Community Management fields, ranging from calls, emails, tickets, live chat and in-game support, to Gameplay, technical, billing and bug support, as well as content moderation, social media management, and more. Thanks to the 15 years of experience of Alchemic-Dream, Keywords Studios has assisted throughout the launch and operation of over 200 successful online products and now boasts several hundred agents on five continents, as well as in-house employees in Montreal, Dublin, Tokyo and New Delhi.
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