Founded in 1999, Babel is a leading global provider of outsourced services to the games and interactive entertainment industries. Our specialty is QA, and games are our passion.

We have both a local and global reach, with offices in North America and Asia, and an experienced QA support network that spans across the world. We are part of the renowned Keywords group, an impressive worldwide array of studios offering quality focused, multilingual services from pre-production through to live support.

We maintain long term partnerships with the biggest players in the industry, and we work with publishers and developers, large and small. We are an approved Microsoft Xbox, Sony PlayStation® and Nintendo QA test partner and have worked on some of the most successful games in recent years.

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Our aim is to offer complete end-to-end services to games developers and publishers, and our large range of services reflects this. Check out what we can offer below, both from Babel and the wider Keywords group:

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Functionality testing is our specialty, and we have a wealth of experience. We employ over 400 professional testers working on a huge range of titles, from casual to AAA, from pre-Alpha to live support. All of our testers are extensively trained, and backed by QA veteran Leads, to deliver some of the best proven test metrics available in the industry.

We are multi-platform, and were the first QA outsourcer to acquire Wii U, Xbox One, PlayStation®4 and Oculus Rift hardware. We maintain an inventory of over 1,000 retail, test and development kits, and access to thousands more through partner deals and other Keywords studios. We always remain on the cutting edge by continuously acquiring new platforms, tools and technology.

Our teams are available to work across multiple shifts, and with our studios covering different time zones, it means we are able to offer testing around the clock, to fit with your desired schedule.

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Having your game rejected by a hardware manufacturer for non-compliance can be expensive, which is where our Certification Testing service comes in. We have extensive experience in assisting clients with Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo, Apple and Google submissions via our dedicated team of Certification QA specialists. Our world-class Certification department is in constant contact with hardware manufacturers to ensure our teams always work with the latest manufacturer’s requirements and guidelines, terminology, tools and processes, all to ensure a smooth submission for our clients.

The Certification QA teams’ objective is to find and report every QA verifiable guideline (XR, TRC, etc.) related issue within the title, such as those related to correct configuration of master packages, save flows, network error messages, etc.

Here are a few Certification services that we offer:

  • Certification testing for:
    • Microsoft Xbox 360, Xbox One and Xbox Live on Windows 10
    • Sony PlayStation®3, PlayStation®4 and PlayStation®Vita
    • Wii U and Nintendo 3DS family
    • Apple iOS App Store
    • Google Play (Android)
  • Milestone & Submission readiness testing
    • Including risk assessments and recommendations
  • Verification of Nintendo e-manuals (for format and terminology)
  • Submission package verification & preparation
  • Video game content rating verification
    • Including risk assessments and recommendations
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Also called Network Impairment Testing, for this service we use multiple techniques and tools, including LANforge™, Wireshark™, Netmon™, and geolocation emulation, to test if your game can handle real-life scenarios, and pinpoint potential issues regarding:

  • Varying network bandwidth speeds, latencies, types of connections, networks or NAT types
  • Data loss over the network
  • Errors, jitter or corruption in the data packets
  • Discrepancies between various multiplayer network conditions
  • Connections coming from all around the world
  • And more!

We also have the capacity for in-country testing from all over the world, via our global network of studios and international freelance staff.

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Babel is an exciting and fun place to work, and we are always looking for talented people to join our teams! For more information on positions available and how to apply, please follow the relevant link below.